The Face of God

Today was a good ministry day. Ministry has a mix of good days, dull days, and difficult days. Today was a good day. I met the newest baby born to our Dumbarton Church community — a tiny precious little one just nine days old. The baby’s skin was so soft to touch. The eyes would squeeze shut then open wide. Hiccups caused the little one to shake from head to toe and to cry in protest (sometimes my hiccups make me want to cry in protest, too). With mom and grand-mom standing near, I prayed for this beloved child of God — that their life would be blessed with longevity, laughter, and love.

Babies always amaze me — such tiny, fragile, resilient human beings, created in the very image of God. There is something sacred in holding a baby, something sacred in caring for a baby. A popular Christmas song wonders if Mary knew that when she held the baby Jesus, she was touching the face of God? God lives in and through all of us. Anytime we hold a baby, we touch the face of God. Anytime we touch another person, we touch the face of God. God weaves in and through all that is, and God is more than the sum of all that is.

I wonder… I wonder… if we were able to keep in mind, to remember, that every person is made in God’s image, that every one carries God in their very soul, would we then treat one another with gentleness and respect? Among Hindus, “Namaste” is a respectful word of greeting meaning that one bows to the divine in the other. If we truly believe this, how would our lives change? How might our world be transformed? Might people respect one another to such a degree that the only time anyone engaged in sexual activity it would be with true mutual consent? Might this be a way to transform our rape culture? If we recognized the divine in each other, would we not long for all people to thrive and flourish? Would we not realize that since the divine is in all people that means even people of different denominations and different faith traditions? If I recognized the divine in everyone around me, wouldn’t I have to change my heated responses to other drivers in the midst of crazy DC traffic?

My prayer for today:  Open my eyes, God, that I might see you shining thru all the people I encounter today, and enable me to treat all people with compassion and respect, in your many names, O God, AMEN.

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