Do You Have Proof?

OK Trump voters. Prove it.

In wake of electing Trump, many of you are claiming that you are not racist, that you aren’t homophobic, that you don’t hate Muslims, that you aren’t all those terrible things that Trump said. But you had to vote for him anyway.

So prove you aren’t racist — attend a “Stand Up for Racial Justice” training, educate yourself about the pre-school to prison pipeline, call out your friends and family when they make a racial slur. PROVE you aren’t racist and that #BlackLivesMatter

Prove you aren’t homophobic — reassure LGBTQ people that you will fend off ANY attempt to do away with marriage equality, call out family and friends that use derogatory language about LGBTQ people, work with your local schools to end bullying of LGBTQ children and youth. PROVE that you believe LGBTQ people deserve equality and that #LGBTQLivesMatter

Prove you aren’t misogynistic — demand that rapists go to trial and if convicted that they serve full sentences, repudiate rape culture and hold men accountable for their behavior which objectifies women, investigate salary practices where you work and advocate for women’s salaries being fully equitable with men’s salaries, call out family and friends that speak disrespectfully to or about women. PROVE that you believe women and men are equal and that women’s lives matter.

Prove that you respect Muslims — interrupt people who shout hate at hijab-wearing women, speak out against Trump’s proposed ban of all Muslim immigrants, welcome refugees to your community & show them hospitality, teach children to respect religious differences. PROVE that you care for the well-being of your Muslim neighbors and that their lives matter.

Come stand by me while I am advocating for Black Lives, LGBTQ Rights, Women’s Equality, and Interfaith Appreciation. Come be with me in solidarity for these issues. Walk your talk. Prove that you really do believe in equality for ALL people and I will listen to understand why you voted for Trump.


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